Beautiful Bunny’s Nose

Make-up students Bianca Baettig and Alisza Pfeifer have conjured up a beautiful bunny’s nose for the first performance of “Weiße Wüste” on 19.02.2015 in the Akademietheater. The second performance is on 21.02.2015.

A lot has been going on in the second week of rehearsals for the current musical production of “Vier Hochzeiten und ein Musical”: between choreography and music rehearsals, Hilda Lobinger photographed the ensemble for production photos in the style of the 1920s. On the online blog about the musical, you can find first impressions of the photo shoot as well as interviews with the two make-up artists responsible for this production, Miriam Waldenspuhl and Daniel Riedl (1st year Make-up), and ensemble members Ruth Fuchs and Fabian Raup (3rd year Musicals).