15 years of Suchers Leidenschaften – the Gala

15 years of Suchers Leidenschaften – the Gala

The art and culture critic Prof. C. Bernd Sucher is not only Director of the Cultural Criticism study programme, but also host of the evening event “Suchers Leidenschaften” which is presented monthly in the Gartensaal of the Prinzregententheater, Munich.

The evening follows a format in which current social issues are featured and discussed by Prof. Sucher. For we students, this is a marvellous platform from which to present our talents to an informed, culturally aware audience. In autumn 2014 a big gala was held to mark the 15th anniversary of this series. Both we and outside artists were able to take part and contribute to the content of the evening together with Prof. Sucher. Our contribution, as make-up students, was to present our fellow students from the Musicals study programme, who were staging a performance from the feature film “Dreamgirls”, in the style of a 1960s showgirl.

What could be better suited to a period when stage costumes glittered and hair styles reached previously unimagined heights, than a “hairspray”-inspired pin-up hairdo for our “Dreamgirls” and an Elvis Presley quiff for the gents? And so we translated our researches into reality and created individual looks for the six actors.

Each of we students from the first year looked after one of the musical performers, and so we had plenty of time to consider the presentation of each character. For my part, I was able to transform the main actress into a 1960s diva.

I found a wig from our stores and backcombed the hair. Sampaguita Mönk, the young woman I styled, came to various make-up tests during the rehearsal period. The challenge was to create an expressive, bold look which is effective on a stage such as the Prinzregententheater, and at the same time is fine enough for the HD cameras of Bavarian Radio who broadcast the gala. Challenge accepted!

The evening came, and the tension in the make-up department could be clearly felt. Of course, we make-up artists wanted to carry out our tasks as well as possible, but we also cheered on our friends who were about to make their appearances.

And when you stand excitedly in the wings, and tidy up the last straggling hairs of even more excited actors who then step out into the limelight in total command like super stars and give a superb performance to tremendous applause, then you know that you’ve done everything right!

Caterina Veronesi, Make-up